Easiest Countries To Immigrate To in 2023

Easiest countries to immigrate to

Whether you are looking for better job opportunities, learning a new language, or improving your quality of life, emigrating from your country of origin is a recurring desire of many. Nowadays it is not so easy since many countries are closing their doors to new immigrants, but there are still many options to do so.

If you are thinking of emigrating but do not have any European citizenship, here are some of the countries that are more flexible when it comes to receiving immigrants and offer visas to foreigners who wish to work and live in them.

Which are the easiest countries to immigrate to in 2023?


If you are thinking of emigrating to a European country but do not have a European passport, Belgium may be a great option.

If you want to obtain legal residency in Belgium the only thing you will have to do is to get a job as a tourist. This will not be so easy since you will only have 90 days as a tourist to do it. But if within that period, being a foreigner you get a job after 15 days you will get your permit. For this reason, Belgium is at the top of the list of countries to immigrate to easily.



Another easy option to immigrate without citizenship within the European continent is Portugal.

Along with Belgium, Portugal is one of the European countries that allows people who entered the country as tourists to get a job and easily become legal residents.

In addition, Portugal has other types of visa options such as the Working Holiday and the Digital Nomad Visa.



Australia is a country with a large geographical extension and also great opportunities. A first-world country with English as its official language.

Australia is the easiest country to immigrate to within Oceania. Depending on your particular situation, there are different possibilities to apply for some kind of temporary or permanent visa.

Whether you are planning to go to study or work, the Australian government has a page to explore all the visa options that may apply to you:

Australia Visa Explorer



Mexico is one of the easiest countries to immigrate to. You only need to apply for an FMM (Forma migratoria múltiple) visa. With this visa, you will be able to stay 6 months in the country and you will be able to renew it unlimitedly.

In addition, Mexico offers a digital nomad visa for people who work remotely.



Panama is another one of the best and easiest countries for foreigners who want to settle in its territory.

This destination has some of the simplest immigration laws today. If you want to see the options they offer, here is a link to the possibilities offered by the government of Panama:

Panama Visa Explorer



Located on the northern Caribbean coast of Central America, English speaking and with beautiful beaches. Belize is a country that offers an easy option to settle in.

If you want to move to the Caribbean the best and easiest option is Belize. It is possible to apply for a temporary visa for 30 days and renew it for a whole year. After that period it will be possible to apply for a permanent visa in the country.



If you are looking to settle in a country with a high growth rate, and low taxes. Also considered the least violent country in South America, Paraguay is a great option.

To obtain residency you will only need to complete a form and prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself for the first few months of your stay.



Croatia is another European country considered one of the easiest to immigrate to without a visa or European nationality. In the case of getting a job as a tourist, it is very simple to obtain a legal residence.

In the summertime, there is a great demand for jobs for foreigners in the hospitality sector where it is very easy to get a work contract to apply for residence for work.

In addition, Croatia has a visa for digital nomads that allows you to reside in the country legally for one year while working remotely. And if you have Croatian ancestors, you can also apply for Croatian citizenship from your country of residence.



Uruguay has one of the best health care systems in South America, as well as being a very safe country. If you are looking to emigrate to a country with economic stability without going so far away from America, Uruguay may be a great option.


New Zealand

Like Australia, New Zealand is a country with a growing need for labor for all types of work and an easy country to emigrate to.

This country offers a wide variety of programs for immigrate. From Work and Holiday visas to the skilled immigration program.