Estonia Digital Nomad Visa – How to apply?

Digital Nomad Visa in Estonia

If you are a digital nomad and would like to spend some time working online in Estonia, you will be able to do so thanks to the Digital Nomad Visa that was approved by the Estonian parliament.

From August 1, 2020, it is possible to apply for the “Digital Nomad Visa” and work legally either remotely with your job or if you have your own business.

In this way, Estonia joins the list of European countries such as Croatia, Iceland, and Malta that offer this type of visa for remote workers.

How to apply for the digital nomad residence permit in Estonia?

What is the Estonian Digital Nomad Visa?

The Estonian residence permit is a visa that allows the applicant to live legally in Estonia for whether six months or one year while working remotely.

What types of visas does Estonia offer?

There are two types of visas for digital nomads in Estonia:

Long-stay visa (D visa): this type of visa allows you to live and work in Estonia for a term of 365 days. It costs 100 euros.

Short-stay visa (Visa C): This type of visa allows you to live and work in Estonia for three months in six consecutive months. It costs 80 euros.


Who can apply for the Dubai Digital Visa?

Any applicant, regardless of nationality, may apply for this visa by fulfilling the requirements.


Estonia Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

To start the process and apply for the Estonian Digital Nomad Visa you must meet the following requirements:

  • You can work regardless of geographical location.
  • You can perform your work tasks 100% remotely.
  • You have an employment contract with a company outside Estonia that performs its activities abroad or you work as a freelancer for clients mainly outside Estonia.
  • You have a minimum income of 3,504 euros monthly (excluding taxes) during the last 6 months before application.


How to apply for the visa?

In case you meet all the requirements, the following are the steps to start the process:

  • Complete the online application form. Print it and sign it.
  • Make an appointment with the nearest Estonian Embassy or Consulate to apply.
  • Apply with all required documents: A copy of your passport, supporting documentation of your work or business, and documentation proving that you have earned at least 3,504 euros during the last 6 months.
  • Make the payment of 100 euros for the long-stay visa or 80 euros for the short-stay visa as appropriate.


How much does the visa cost?

The costs to apply for the digital nomad visa in Estonia are:

  • Long-term visa – 100 euros
  • Short-term visa – 80 euros


How long does the process take?

Applications for either type of visa are reviewed by the Estonian government within approximately 30 days.


Where do expats live in Estonia?

  • Tallinn
  • Tartu