How To Get the Italian Citizenship as an American?

Italian citizenship is based on the principle of “ius sanguinis”, under which a child born of an Italian father or mother is Italian.

Through the paternal line: citizenship is transmitted from father to son without generation limits.

Through the maternal line: the transmission of citizenship is possible only for children born after January 1, 1948 (see article “Judicial procedure”).

Who can apply for recognition of Italian citizenship?

The recognition of Italian citizenship is subordinated to the demonstration, on the part of the interested party, that his/her ancestors in the straight line have maintained Italian citizenship without interruption.

According to Italian law, any person who possesses Italian ancestry is also an Italian citizen. The process that must be carried out is only to demonstrate this ancestry to be recognized as Italian.

To achieve this, the most important thing is to obtain the birth certificate of our relative born in Italy.


  • It can be done directly without the intervention of any kind of agent or intermediary.
  • There is no generational limit.
  • Our parents or grandparents don’t need to have carried out any procedure.


Requirements To Get the Italian Citizenship

Of the relative born in Italy:

  • Birth certificate, original with the indication of paternity and maternity, with stamp and signature of the official.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Death certificate (if deceased) or valid ID card.
  • Certificate of the National Electoral Chamber.

Of each one of the descendants in a straight line.

  • Birth certificate.
  • Marriage certificate (if married).
  • Death certificate (if deceased) or valid ID.

How should the certificates be presented?

All certificates must be issued in true copy by the respective Civil Registry Offices and must be requested for dual citizenship.
Non-Italian certificates must be translated into Italian by a certified translator.

Steps to follow to obtain Italian citizenship

  • Obtain all the documentation
  • Request an appointment
  • Present the documentation at the consulate that corresponds to our residence.
  • Wait for the answer

Where do I have to make an appointment and present the documentation?

The appointment for the presentation of the documentation must be requested at the Italian consulate of the applicant’s place of residence.