8 Tips To Be More Productive When Working Remotely

Times are changing, it is becoming more and more common to work from home. Whether for a company or on your own, the number of people working from home is increasing exponentially.

This change brings with it many lifestyle benefits. We no longer have to waste time commuting to the office is one of the main ones. But there are also disadvantages such as difficulty concentrating and being productive. Here are some tips to avoid these problems:

How to be more productive when working remotely?

1 – Establish a routine

You must establish your schedule since you will have more flexible times than you did not have before. Once you start working, establish the hours and times of rest so that you do not work too much or too little.

2 – Plan your day the night before

It is important to start the morning with the planning of how the work day will be. The best time to plan is the night before or at the end of the day since this is the moment when we are more in tune with our tasks and we know where we should continue.
This action will prevent us from wasting time organizing on the fly during the morning allowing us to start with the action faster.

3 – Prepare a comfortable working environment

It is important to define what your workspace will be and furnish it to make it as comfortable as possible. Think that you will spend a large part of the day there.
To be productive we need an ergonomic desk and chair that allows us to have the correct posture and be able to perform well at work.

4 – Eliminate distractions

Leave your phone and TV remote away so you are not tempted to check your friends’ photo updates or fast-forward a chapter of the series you are watching. Within your daily plan, you should schedule breaks where you can do these things but while working we should only focus on that if we want to do it productively.

5 – Get out of the house

It is important to take breaks from work to walk, see the daylight and give our brain a break. Within our day it is very important to give us the time to take walks if we want to have a productive mind.

6 – Identify when you are most productive

All people are different. Everyone is efficient at different times of the day. Some perform better in the early hours of the morning and others do better late at night. If you can choose your work schedule, you should take advantage of the time of day when you feel you are most productive.

7 – Stay healthy

When working from home you must remember to stay hydrated and eat healthy meals. Forget about fatty snacks if you want to keep your mind productive.
Since you will spend a large part of the day sitting, you must stretch your body during your scheduled breaks to avoid back or muscle pain.

8 – End the workday

When our workplace is where we live, it is normal to end up extending our workday because we don’t know when to stop. There will always be work to finish but that is no reason to spend all day in front of the computer. We must follow our daily plan and routine and in case there are no more urgent tasks it is important to disconnect and end the workday.